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Dear Parents,

We are happy to announce that The Little Dolphin will be continuing its 12 month program this summer. The program will be a continuation of what the children have been doing throughout the school year. There will be 1 teacher and 1 assistant teacher (based on the number of students committing to the program). The hours of operation will be the same as throughout the school year. The tuition will be slightly different and is reflected on the attached price list. (For any four year olds that would like to participate, the tuition can no longer reflect the UPK discount because we do not receive UPK funds in July and August).

The Little Dolphin Summer program will run from July 3, 2017 until August 25, 2017.

If you would like to participate please contact the office for availability at (718) 641 7754.

The class hours are as follows:

Half Day 8:30 – 11:30 or 1:00 – 4:00
Full Day 8:30 – 4:00
Extended Day Hours 7:00 8:30
and/or 4:00 6:00


The rates below reflect a weekly tuition rate in order to provide flexibility for family vacation during the summer months.

• Tuition is due in two installments. All payments for Weeks 1-4 are due by June 15th and all payments for Week 5-8 are due by July 15th.

• There are no make- up days or financial credit due to absence, illness or vacation. We reserve the right to cancel classes due to inclement weather for safety.

• Credit card payments include the transaction fee.

$35 due with application.

[download summer program enrollment]

Number of Days


Weekly Payment Schedule

Weekly Payment with CC Transaction Fee

2 days

Half Day




Full Day



3 days

Half Day




Full Day



4 days

Half Day




Full Day



5 days

Half Day



Full Day



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